Westchester Little League in Los Angeles California District 37

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Single A (6-7 Yr Olds)

Single A is a step-up from T-ball.  We still don't keep score and everyone bats and plays every inning.  Smiles are abound and the kids are getting a kick out of their noticeable improvement on the field. Parents can't believe that their child is making plays and it's noticeable because fans are louder and more excited in Single A.  Snack time is always a favorite way to end each game.

As in T-ball we still use a soft baseball at this level because catching skills are still developing.  In this division, the coach pitches to their own team and we recognize outs on the base pads as a way to teach the rules of our national past time.  The kids start making plays that sometimes will blow your mind.  Coaches will continue to reinforce the fundamentals and will teach your child more about how the game is played.  If you are interested in coaching or managing please let us know.  We have tools available and a mentor program to make your experience easier.  If you're on the fence, make the leap.  It's worth it.

Single A games are typically played on our beautiful Slugger field which is one of the nicest in Southern California.  Come down and take a look at it for yourself.